The Theory of Infinity Synergy

The greatest and most empowering action is that you reached out for help to improve your quality of life.  We are here for you, to help a lending hand to continue the success of putting your life back on track.

  • First Circle of Energy: Your success was first started with seeking out a treatment program, overseen by an experienced doctor with the confidence that you will be able to fight this battle and win.
  • Second Circle of Energy: The next step you took was fueled by the notion that in order to regain your life, you must maintain encouragement, this will be done by taking part in a mental health program that you pick to meet your personality and ideals of how to succeed.
  • Third Circle of Energy: understanding that the first two circles of energy must be built upon a strong foundation.  This third circle is your foundation, plus the counseling group along with working with your doctor from the clinics to provide you with the most comprehensive, seamless, and simple mental health support.

*** These three circles intersect one another to form our Theory of Synergy.  Everything starts with you, the client, and we are dedicated and focused on you.  Not only to find the path to success but to achieve it and hold onto it.


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