Mission statement


We are committed to trauma informed care, which includes the five guiding values of safety, trustworthiness, collaboration, choice and empowerment.

Our values  + the theory of infinite synergy

The greatest and most empowering action is that you reached out for help to improve your quality of life.  We are here for you.

First circle of energy; your success was first started with seeking out a treatment program, overseen by an experienced practitioner with the confidence that you will be achieve your goals.

Second circle of energy; the next step you took was actively working towards  your goals with the encouragement of your therapist.

Third circle of energy; understanding that the first two circles of energy must be built upon a strong foundation, this third circle is your foundation cultivated with your therapist and your medical providers to provide you with the most inclusive, integrated and effective services.

Everything starts with you, the client, and we are honored to support you. 

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